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My Places Community Events and Amazing Amigos Inc, merged in February of 2018. Both of these groups were started with the same purpose, To Provide Activities for Disabled individuals.

Amazing Amigos Inc was started by Diane Cantrall over 6 years ago by holding gatherings in her home in Nampa. Over time, those meetings with a couple families, blossomed into an official 501c3 non-profit. They partnered with Nampa Lanes to provide a weekly opportunity to bowl and the Crossroads Community Church for weekly potlucks.

My Places Community Events started 2 years by Mary K. Spears to provide something she felt was desperately needed for the Special Needs Community, having fun and connecting with other people. Within 6 months, it went from having an event once a month to every week, going to places like Piggy Pig’s Pottery, Meridian Lanes, Pojos Fun Center, The Discovery Center, and Babby Farms.

This is just the beginning. As we continue to expand our events, we are reaching out to Support Groups, Development Centers, Group Homes, and Local Businesses, to network as many of the opportunities for Disabled Individuals as possible. This will include both fun activities, education, and support.

We cannot do this alone. No single person or company can provide every Event or Opportunity for such a large and diverse population. Some people love sports and some people don’t. Some people love crafts and others love music. My Places Community Events is about connecting people with others who have the same likes, dreams, and goals that they do.

Whether you have a physical, mental or developmental disability, we want you to join us. Whether you are a Caregiver, Service Provider, or Family member, we want you to join us. My Places Community Events is about Connecting US.

Welcome to the FUN!

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