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Our Events

Wednesday Events

All our Wednesday Events are held in the Community, whether it be at a local business or public venue. We rotate between these types of events each week to give participants a variety of fun things to do in the Community.


Type of Places – Wood Creations, Procraftinating, or Bricknowlogy. These events are for creating something with your own hands and imagination. We even make Holiday fudge!


Types of Places – Bowling Alleys, Swimming Pools, indoor Fields, Parks and Skating. These events provide physical activity and fun!


Types of Places- Pojos, Grinkers, Phoenix Fire Games, ect. These events are helpful in building teamwork and communication skills.


Types of Places- Zoo Boise, Discovery Center, Linder Farms, Aquarium of Boise, Boise Art Museum. Participants see animals or learn about nature or whatever these awesome locations have to offer.


Types of Places – Aveda Spa, Fire Stations, and Positive Pets. When there is a 5th Wed, we look for opportunities for our participants to meet Service Professionals. Whether in training or on the job for 20 years, many Service Professionals do not have training to help Special Needs. These events are meant to bridge the gap of knowledge giving everyone a chance to learn how to help each other.

Friday Socials

Each Friday, we provide lunch and an activity. Currently the Crossroads Community Church donates their Gymnasium and Kitchen.


1 st Friday of each month, we celebrate the Birthdays for the Month with cake and DJ Borneo.


Something fun and Usually Holiday themed.


You can’t win if you don’t play… 1st Card is FREE each additional card is a quarter


The 2nd Friday of each month, we invite Matthew Jordan of Music Makes Connections for Group Music Therapy. Everyone can make some noise!


When there is a 5th Friday, we do something special. People keep asking for a talent show…